DIY Cardboard Runway

Easy Kids Crafts Ideas: DIY Cardboard RunwayThis DIY Cardboard Runway can easily be made from recycled materials around the house.  Plus you can fold it up and carry it in your purse to entertain kids on the go!  Full instructions here.


Apple Print Bags

Easy Kid's Crafts Ideas: Apple Print Bags


Inner Child Fun is always a great resource for easy kid’s crafts ideas and this apple print bag is no exception.  This simple idea keeps kids busy and lets them decorate their own bags that they can show to their friends at the school lunch table!  For instructions click here.

Sailboat Craft for Kids


Easy Kids Crafts Ideas: Nut Sailboat Craft for Kids


This sailboat craft for kids is a great summer activity. This craft is absolutely gorgeous but are created with minimal materials. Your kids will be occupied not only making the sailboats but then also playing with them after!

This Hickory Nut Sailboat is a whimsical craft reminiscent of childhood itself when we thought fairies or little people could use ordinary object in their everyday lives.  The instructions are at Crow Rooster Crow.

Kid’s DIY: Color Block Stick Necklace

Easy Kids Crafts Ideas: Kid's DIY: Color Block Stick Necklace


This kid’s DIY project is perfect after taking a nature walk.  First, get their energy out by taking a long hike in the woods and collecting items in nature then come back to have some quiet time making this craft!  Time exercising outside then quiet crafty time is always a great combo!  Find the instructions on Less Than Perfect Parents.